Borodata.tools on Hack König 2017 hackathon

On February 18-19 at the Hack König 2017 hackathon, we made Borodata Tools: programmed a working unit in R, conducted the first tests on the server, and simultaneously launched a landing page. The hackathon helped us to realize in a short time project what could be accomplished a in a daily routine.

Regarding the project, we help digital agencies to automate regular reporting (advertising, SEO, sales). The formation of one report takes thirty minutes to two hours, but if you have 10-15 clients - you lose one working day on the copy of data from a variety of sources. We automate this process - setup report templates with our software module (channels, performance, appearance, and file format), specify the frequency of run - and there you have it! The report generated yourself on a schedule.

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