We organized Measure Bowling 2017 in Moscow

In 2017, Measure Bowling was held in 24 cities around the world, including London, Paris, Dublin, Prague, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and Moscow. In the format of an entertainment event, we are brought together professionals at city and world level. This is not a conference — it's simply an evening spent in a relaxed atmosphere among colleagues and partners.

40 experts from such companies as Yandex, Microsoft, Owox, Ebay, Agima, Adventum, IT-agency, Realweb took part in Measure Bowling in Moscow. Yandex Metricа became the general sponsor, we became organizers of the event.

Results of the bowling competition:

1st - Lossev Sergey,
2nd - Ustyuzhin Almaz,
3rd - Zabitov Eldar.

Team winner:
Team "Champions":
Poddyakov Konstantin, Losev Sergey, Eroshkin Ilya, Zabitov Eldar, Levdanov Leonid.

Nerdshirt Competition: Naychukov Konstantin.

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