Untagged 2016
Digital Analytics and Big Data Conference in Madrid

On 9.11.2016 we were at the international digital marketing conference in Madrid.
Untagged - the most wanted Digital Analytics Conference in November. From the start of registration, the tickets were gone in 9 seconds! And we got it!

Speakers focused on new practices in data analytics:
  • Brian Clifton: "The Current State of Digital Analytics"
  • Kristoffer Ewald: "Innovations in Digital: New Models and Metrics"
  • Simo Ahava: "Measuring engagement: Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics"
  • Ani López: "Store, Extract, Transform, Load, Visualize"
  • Virginia Relea y Nicolás Lozano: "DMP, segment & PUT your DATA to work"
  • Yehoshua Coren: "Google Analytics For Smarties"
  • Marie Loridan O'meara: "Firebase Analytics: Apps success made simple"
  • Dave Sottimano: "Log Analytics and PRO use cases for search marketers"
Big thanks to David Vallejo and Natzir Turrado for the excellent organization of the international high-level event and for great reason to visit Madrid.

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