Superweek 2018

We've returned from Superweek 2018 full of new ideas, emotions, and friends. It is definitively the best conference in the analytics industry, and it looks like no other.

This year, there were two main topics:
— GDPR, the law regulating the storage of personal data, which will finally come into force on 25 May. It will create difficulties for analytical systems throughout Europe (hello, Google Analytics). None of the presentations that took place failed to elicit comments about this topic.
— Machine learning, this year's second most popular topic. Half of the speeches and case studies related to statistics and machine learning. For example, with the help of machine learning, you could divide the audience, then distribute advertising channels for more effective interaction.


Measure Camp Brussels 2017

What's a MeasureCamp? It's an unconference where the attendees determine the content of the event. If you have a question or an idea about data you want to share with the world, MeasureCamp is for you.


Measure Camp Copenhagen 2017

MeasureCamp is an unconference, the schedule is created on the day and speakers are fellow attendees. Everyone is encouraged to discuss and participate in sessions, even to lead sessions themselves.


We organized Measure Bowling 2017 in Moscow

In 2017, Measure Bowling was held in 24 cities around the world, including London, Paris, Dublin, Prague, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, and Moscow. In the format of an entertainment event, we are brought together professionals at city and world level. This is not a conference — it's simply an evening spent in a relaxed atmosphere among colleagues and partners.

40 experts from such companies as Yandex, Microsoft, Owox, Ebay, Agima, Adventum, IT-agency, Realweb took part in Measure Bowling in Moscow. Yandex Metricа became the general sponsor, we became organizers of the event.

Results of the bowling competition:

1st - Lossev Sergey,
2nd - Ustyuzhin Almaz,
3rd - Zabitov Eldar.

Team winner:
Team "Champions":
Poddyakov Konstantin, Losev Sergey, Eroshkin Ilya, Zabitov Eldar, Levdanov Leonid.

Nerdshirt Competition: Naychukov Konstantin.


Borodata on Infoshare 2017
in Gdansk

infoShare 2017 - the biggest Tech, New Media and Startup Festival in CEE Region. Developers, startuppers, investors, executives, innovation leaders, marketers, and media who want to explore the world of technology.


Borodata.tools in IIDF
pre-accelerator Intensive Program

On 3-5 April in Moscow, we took part in the competition of projects in the IIDF pre-accelerator. Ninety teams from all over Russia took part in the competition. Borodata Tools liked the trackers, and we quickly accepted an invitation to pre-accelerator.


Borodata.tools in the Harvest Intensive Program 2017

On March 3-5, we worked on our project borodata.tools in the Harvest Intensive Program. The project received an excellent evaluation from experts, and we received an invitation to continue working on a part-time intensive course at the IIDF startup accelerator in Moscow.


Borodata.tools on Hack König 2017 hackathon

On February 18-19 at the Hack König 2017 hackathon, we made Borodata Tools: programmed a working unit in R, conducted the first tests on the server, and simultaneously launched a landing page. The hackathon helped us to realize in a short time project what could be accomplished a in a daily routine.

Regarding the project, we help digital agencies to automate regular reporting (advertising, SEO, sales). The formation of one report takes thirty minutes to two hours, but if you have 10-15 clients - you lose one working day on the copy of data from a variety of sources. We automate this process - setup report templates with our software module (channels, performance, appearance, and file format), specify the frequency of run - and there you have it! The report generated yourself on a schedule.


Superweek 2017
Five days of analytics on a moutaintop

Superweek 2017 — one of the most famous and biggest digital analytics conferences — has ended.

The conference is held in a remote Hungarian mountain village, far away from civilization. In fact, nothing remains of the participants — only a network and an exchange of experiences. People came from all over the world. In one place, non-stop for 5 days, we talked with leaders of the measurement industry, who set trends (Google, Yandex, big agencies), with the famous gurus, whose blogs are studied far and wide, with online colleagues.

Main ideas of 2017:

  • Main trend for 2017 — work with machine learning. For example, the Finnish company that sells cruises predicts the future buying behavior of users on the basis of data from analytics and regression analysis. Google presented the cloud-based tools for machine learning — Big Query and Data Flow.

  • As a result, the programming languages R and Python is now a necessary tool for every analyst.

  • Go back to basics and re-learn statistics. This is a necessary basis for machine learning.

  • The main headache for agencies — the tightening of personal data storage laws. Working with bureaucracies has become increasingly difficult.

  • Yandex Metrika is going abroad, but agencies are not ready to store data in Russia (again, because of the bureaucracy). And the argument "against" outweighs all the pros.

Big thanks to the organizers — Bánóczy Zoltán, Caleb и Charlotte Whitmore. Thanks to host Yehoshua Coren for exciting songs, to Robert Petković for a journey from Budapest to Galyateto, and to all the new friends for an unforgettable 5 days. Now is the time to work and put new knowledge into practice.


BI Hackathon Hackfordata3
in Moscow

Timur Kuchushev participated in a 24-hour #hackfordata3 - BI-hackathon on December 2-3 for web analysts, online marketers and digital advertising specialists. The event was attended by 75 people. Рarticipants developed solutions for data analysis with Yandex Metrica and Microsoft Power BI.


Untagged 2016
Digital Analytics and Big Data Conference in Madrid

On 9.11.2016 we were at the international digital marketing conference in Madrid.
Untagged - the most wanted Digital Analytics Conference in November. From the start of registration, the tickets were gone in 9 seconds! And we got it!

Speakers focused on new practices in data analytics:
  • Brian Clifton: "The Current State of Digital Analytics"
  • Kristoffer Ewald: "Innovations in Digital: New Models and Metrics"
  • Simo Ahava: "Measuring engagement: Google Tag Manager & Google Analytics"
  • Ani López: "Store, Extract, Transform, Load, Visualize"
  • Virginia Relea y Nicolás Lozano: "DMP, segment & PUT your DATA to work"
  • Yehoshua Coren: "Google Analytics For Smarties"
  • Marie Loridan O'meara: "Firebase Analytics: Apps success made simple"
  • Dave Sottimano: "Log Analytics and PRO use cases for search marketers"
Big thanks to David Vallejo and Natzir Turrado for the excellent organization of the international high-level event and for great reason to visit Madrid.


Yet Another Conference on Marketing 2016

Yet another Conference (YaC) is a technological forum that Yandex has been holding annually in Moscow since 2010.
In 2016 Yandex has presented new service — Yandex.Audience. This service helps to collect the segments to target your ads based on the contact list of regular customers.


Google Tag Manager Workshop

8 & 9 April 2016, we arranged first practical Google Tag Manager workshop for marketers.
We learned how to use them in practice — to set tags, including the tag remarketing on the order page, send the events to Analytics.


OWOX master class in Moscow

March 3, we visited master class of OWOX company at the Google office in Moscow.
We studied the dynamic method of attribution of transaction values through the customer funnel.

Funnel Based Attribution evaluates the probability of customer transfer to the each step of the sales funnel. You gain access to each click, each session and each step of calculations in Google BigQuery.



On November 12 we were at the international digital marketing conference in Riga.
#iLiveConference2015 was devoted mainly to web Analytics and data interpretation is what we love and do. Really cool speakers — Peter O'Neill, Simo Ahava, Marie Polli, secrets of data analysis, cozy place and good networking in the Spikeru quarter.