Superweek 2017
Five days of analytics on a moutaintop

Superweek 2017 — one of the most famous and biggest digital analytics conferences — has ended.

The conference is held in a remote Hungarian mountain village, far away from civilization. In fact, nothing remains of the participants — only a network and an exchange of experiences. People came from all over the world. In one place, non-stop for 5 days, we talked with leaders of the measurement industry, who set trends (Google, Yandex, big agencies), with the famous gurus, whose blogs are studied far and wide, with online colleagues.

Main ideas of 2017:

  • Main trend for 2017 — work with machine learning. For example, the Finnish company that sells cruises predicts the future buying behavior of users on the basis of data from analytics and regression analysis. Google presented the cloud-based tools for machine learning — Big Query and Data Flow.

  • As a result, the programming languages R and Python is now a necessary tool for every analyst.

  • Go back to basics and re-learn statistics. This is a necessary basis for machine learning.

  • The main headache for agencies — the tightening of personal data storage laws. Working with bureaucracies has become increasingly difficult.

  • Yandex Metrika is going abroad, but agencies are not ready to store data in Russia (again, because of the bureaucracy). And the argument "against" outweighs all the pros.

Big thanks to the organizers — Bánóczy Zoltán, Caleb и Charlotte Whitmore. Thanks to host Yehoshua Coren for exciting songs, to Robert Petković for a journey from Budapest to Galyateto, and to all the new friends for an unforgettable 5 days. Now is the time to work and put new knowledge into practice.

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