Building reports in Google Data Studio

In Data Studio, we're doing branded, informative dynamic reports that are easy to share with colleagues and clients.
Why Data Studio?
Custom design in accordance with brand book using corporate colors, fonts and images.
Data is updated automatically every time the report is opened. Users can set date ranges and segments.
Statistics from Google Analytics can be output together with the data from AdWords, YouTube, Bigquery, tables in .csv format.
Creating reports in Data Studio includes:
1. Strategy
We always start with strategy. Define business goals and KPIs.
2. Connecting data sources
Our team is able to connect to virtually any data source, regardless of whether the source is ready plugin, or extract the data only via the API. Know how to convert the downloaded numbers to the desired Data Studio format.
3. Data collection
Gather the necessary statistics for a certain strategy time. A thorough collection of data guarantees more precise answers to your questions.
4. Reporting
Reduce the data in attractive and informative graphics, customizable upgrade and then hand the report to you.

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