By Timur Kuchushev, 17 January 2017

Conversion Funnel based on Google Analytics Sequences

Here is a free tool for building a conversion funnel for your web site using Google Sheets and the Google Analytics Add-on.
Sales funnel is a visual representation of the journey a consumer takes through navigating a website and finally converting to a sale.

With our tool you can use GA sequences as steps of the funnel. This makes it even more powerful and flexible than built-in funnel reports of the Google Analytics.
Using this interactive table you can make a conversion funnel for your site.
If you are new to Google Analytics Spreadsheet Add-ons, check an introduction and a video tutorial first.
Building segment
Give a name to your segment
Select "Sequences" - "Filter"
Build Steps of your sequence
Each sequence step is a step of the funnel.
Check the number of users in the final step of the sequence
Funnel Template Configuration
Start working
Open the spreadsheet and save a copy in your account.
Watch the video below
Insert data
  1. GA View ID
  2. Exact dates you want to look at
  3. Name of your segment from GA
Upload segment
Click on "Get segment" button
Upload data into spreadsheet
Click on "Add-ons" → "Google Analytics"→ "Run reports". The Report Status must return "completed successfully" and your data will be automatically uploaded.
Your funnel is ready. Below is an example of what your funnel may look like.

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